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We work inside the Square and think outside the Square !!

Service 1

Insulation and Cladding work

Sheet metal and ductwork fabrication, Thermal and acoustic insulation Services has completed a number of major projects....

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Service 2

Asbestos Removal

NIS is a licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor to carry out Friable and bonded asbestos removal and disposal....

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Service 3

Marine and Defence Ships Refurbishment

NIS has a long term relationship with Naval and commercial ship dockyards at Garden Islands and Newcastle....

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Service 4

Passive Fire Protection and Protective Coatings

NIS can offer services for Passive fire protection and protective coatings for a variety of applications....

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National Integrated Services Pty Ltd was established in 1997 and is located in the South Western Sydney Region. In year 2000, with the purchase of John Riley Insulation, an existing insulation company located in Port Kembla and the relocation to the current Head Office situated at Yennora in western suburb of Sydney Metro, National Integrated Services Pty Ltd has grown in size and stature.

National Integrated Services has a fully equipped workshop facility at Yennora, where the Head Office is located and is capable of carrying out a wide range of fabrication, welding and small painting jobs.

 John Riley Insulation also has an office and workshop facility at Kemblawarra (Port Kembla) similar to Yennora works. Both workshops have an extensive storage facility to keep stock of most commonly used insulation materials. The combined floor space at Yennora and Kemblawarra is in excess of 2000 square meters. National Integrated Services have a wide range of plant and equipment for Fabrication, Asbestos treatment and Polyurethane Foam Injection work for offsite and onsite works.

 National Integrated Services has undertaken major construction projects throughout New South Wales and Queensland and carries out yearly maintenance works at Major Industrial facilities such as Shell and Caltex Refineries, BlueScope works at Port Kembla, Naval Dockyards at Garden Island and Newcastle and other Petrochemical sites such as Orica and Huntsman.

John Riley Insulation, a wholly owned subsidiary operated out of Port Kembla site office and provides services to Major industrial site such as BlueScope and Tallawarra Power Station.

 A joint venture is formed between DC Project Services based in Western Australia and National Integrated Services in NSW in order to pool the resources of two businesses to create an entity with sufficient financial and technical capabilities to target the major regional resource projects in Western Australia and Northern Territory. DC Project Services have an established workshop facility in Karatha (WA) and has successfully completed a number of projects for the major Oil and Gas projects in the region.

 National Integrated Services and John Riley Insulation have a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and OHS Management System accredited to AS 4801:2001. The entire NIS team is committed to deliver a reliable service while maintaining the Quality and safety standards using the best practices in the industry.

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