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Safety and Quality


NIS has an excellent track record in Safety Management. This has been achieved not by luck but a commitment by the senior management and the team to practice the safety procedures, adherence to principles such as “Take 5” or “SPSA” and continuous monitoring and auditing in the field where the action is.

Training and development of personnel is an important element in the NIS Safety Management system and the senior management fully support any up-skilling and training requirements that may arise from time to time.

NIS has a fully developed Safety Management System and this is periodically reviewed to implement any changes to regulations, any lessons learned from the past. NIS also reports all safety statistics to “IS Net world” and receives updates from them regarding any change in standards/ Regulations / code of practices.

The goal set by NIS team is simple. “No injury, no incidence, no harm to anyone at anytime, anywhere”.

The message of NIS team is “Everyone is responsible for safety and everyone shall look after his/her work colleague”.

ASAP (Annual Safety Audit Plan) is used to carry out audits and inspections in a number of areas such as plant and equipment, PPE compliance, JSA and WMS compliance.

Techniques such as daily tool box talks, JSA and WMS, safety procedures, training of personnel are used to mitigate the risk.


NIS is committed to “Do it right in the first Place” principle and maintaining high standards of quality in the supply of materials and workmanship. NIS has a supplier assessment system in place to ensure a reliable and quality supply of insulation materials.