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Services Offered

National Integrated Services offers a wide range of services as listed below. These services are offered for new construction projects, term maintenance works, Turnaround and Inspection works and offsite supply and fabrication.

Sheet Metal Work and Insulation

National Integrated Services has completed a number of major projects providing a range of insulation services as listed below. The Management and supervision has a combined experience of more than 250 years and has a highly trained and skilled labour to carry out the work in a most cost effective manner while maintaining high standards of quality and safety. NIS and John Riley Insulation have a fully equipped sheet metal fabrication workshop to support the on-site installation work.

NIS also has a trailer mounted two part polyurethane foam injection unit to carry out in-situ cryogenic insulation work.


company profile

  • Hot insulation (mineral wool, glass wool, calcium silicate)
  • Cold Insulation (Polyurethane and Foam Glass)
  • Cryogenic Insulation (Polyurethane foam injection with vapour barriers)
  • Marine Insulation
  • Acoustic and Noise Insulation
  • Personnel Protection
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication up to 1.5 mm
  • Fire Proofing (Fendolite and Chartek)
  • HVAC ducts Manufacturing and Installation

Asbestos Treatment

National Integrated services are a licenced Friable Asbestos removal contractor and use a variety of techniques for Asbestos treatment. All asbestos treatment work is carried out as per National and State code of practices and Work Cover regulations. NIS has a team of trained and qualified supervision and labour to carry out the work. National Integrated Services has all the required plant and equipment such as mobile decontamination units including hot water & filtration systems and negative air units to carry out the work.



  • Asbestos Survey and reporting with recommendations
  • Encapsulation and sealing of asbestos containing products
  • Roof and wall sheeting (bonded asbestos) removal and replacement
  • Building decontamination
  • Asbestos abatement

Removal Techniques

  • Full isolation enclosures with a negative air pressure and decontamination units
  • Partial Enclosures using glove bags
  • Wet Stripping
  • “In Service” encapsulation and stripping

Passive Fire Protection

National Integrated services offer passive fire protection services for structural steel, foundations and equipment. The application of the products is either by “spray on” or “trowelling” techniques.

Products offered

  • Fendolite
  • Chartek
  • Promat

Protective Coatings

National Integrated services offer protective coating services for piping, structural steel, and equipment. NIS has a strategic alliance with a leading painting contractor for these services.

Techniques such as abrasive blasting and painting, mechanical preparation, high pressure water blasting, spray and brush/roller paint applications are used as required.

Marine and Defence Refurbishment

National Integrated Services has a long term relationship with Naval and commercial ship dockyards at Garden Islands and Newcastle and have been carrying out work for refurbishment, asbestos treatment and insulation works for last 15 years. The clients include Australian Navy, Rolls Royce, Forgacs, BAE, UGL and Thales.



  • Hull insulation (thermal, acoustic and fire proofing)
  • Machinery space insulation
  • Interior accommodation fittings
  • Galley fit out
  • Asbestos Treatment
  • Ducting Refurbishment

Types of vessels

  • Naval Vessels
  • Patrol Boats
  • Cruise liners
  • Passenger vessels
  • Commercial Vessels

Turnaround and Inspection work (T & I)

National Integrated Services have been an integral part of Turnaround and Inspection works at various Industrial sites such as Caltex Refinery, Shell Refinery, Orica Newcastle, BlueScope Port Kembla, Tallawarra Power Station, ADI at Garden Islands, Forgacs at Newcastle.

Participation in the T & I work is demanding on resources and planning capabilities. Response time is critical for a successful T & I. National Integrated Services have experienced Project Managers and Supervisors to meet this demand. NIS has a large database for labour and a long term relationship with reputed materials suppliers to meet this requirement.

NIS has successfully completed a large number of shutdown works in the past fifteen years and has an excellent track record.